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About Me

Hi. My name is Gontran Riedel and I'm a graphic designer.

If you're looking for a determined and capable young designer, then I am your guy. Growing up in Namibia I have learned that the best skill that anyone can posess is the skill of adapting and learning anything and everything that allows you to get a job done. This mentality feeds directly into my design and marketing disciples, ensuring that deveolpment never stops.

Work Experience

BA Graphic Design

2015 - 2017

During the period of this degree I have developed the skills to take on any design or branding problem and to identify, conceptualize, wireframe and create a new solution. This whole process is supported by using the powers of several types of software and teamwork.

2017 Internship BNRY Digital


The internship at BNRY digital proved highly valuable in learning time management skills when working with a team of designers and animators. The process from start to finish requires that everybody pulls their weight to meet the deadline and deliver the final designs. Here I got to experience creating social media content for companies like Tempest Car Hire, BeUP and ISUZU.


2017 - September 2018

Being a freelance graphic designer taught me the necessarry skills to work with a viriety of different clients and projects, one of the biggest being Ogilvy and Mather. Here I learned how to complete work within a tight time frame and during unconventional times of the day.

Marketing Manager Namibia Security Supplies cc

2018 - Current

The most rewarding work I have done so far. Filling the roles of marketer and designer I get to research and identify new trends and threats in the security market. My responsibilities include, but are not limited to market research, solution conceptualization, content creation, web design, motion graphic design, print media design and giving security brand training.